Experience & Re-Union

A unique program made for you

For the body, heart and mind to be in harmony,
we offer unique experiences, nutrition and healing.
All you need to relax from stress and daily life is
to reconnect to your essence.



Retiro Sensorial

SENSORIAL is an experience co created with family and friends
(artists, healers, yoga teachers, chef, facilitators) for wellness seekers.
The project began in September 2020 and, from then,
4 editions have articulated in a day, weekend or week retreat model.

SENSORIAL retreat includes a mix of activities based on experiences
that involve the senses and that are related to nature and wellness
such as Temazcal, multisensorial lunch, workshops, yoga, ceremonies,
sharing circles, music, chants, rituals and soul food dinners.
We believe in the power of groups that is naturally created in a circle.
When we come together, we are opening the space for magic to happen.
We seek to create a safe space where a loving community
gathers ready to listen, share and support one another.

* Next SENSORIAL weekend retreat in September 2021 (16-20)


For our dear community.
Guests, family and friends.
Join our fortnightly community gathering
where we chill by the pool, practice yoga,
drink coconut cocktails, listen to live music
and eat delicious healthy snacks.

Meet like-minded people
who are curious about life,
feel a deep connection to nature
and seek community to share journeys with.

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