Our Story

Posada del Agua y Fuego immerge from love and travel.
Geraldine falled I love with Chemuyil and Muyil’s lands, energies, story and secrets.
She was fortunate enough to buy land and start her life as a Mexican
entrepreneurial adventurer… consciously building a small holistic hotel
by hand, whilst being respectful of the environment and sociological
diversity of the Riviera Maya.

In 2015, we opened the eight rooms, a living room,
outdoor spaces to relax and an incredible natural pool.
In the homely Chemuyil’s jungle two kilometers from the magnificent Xcacel beach.

Since the opening of the Posada, our strengths have been hospitality
and kindness. Different from a classic hotel where the guardians of the land welcome you. Unique!

Amalia our angel and housekeeper, prepares you a delicious breakfast
and will ensure that the rooms are always spotlessly clean.

Hana Céleste, my daughter, yoga teacher,
student in humanistic naturopathy and passionate from childhood on therapies
joined the Posada as head of a new project.
I implement a community dynamic, organizing conscious events and helping to create yoga retreats,
personal development and holistic medicine.

We will be happy to receive you during our retreats,
creating your retreat or reserving your moment in our tropical villa.

Visit us alone, as a couple or as a family to recharge your batteries,
leave what does not serve you anymore and fill your heart with the essentials of life.


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